To maintain the dignity of the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, the following parish policies will apply both on the wedding day and on the night of the rehearsal:


Alcohol and Tobacco Use
The use of alcohol and tobacco is strictly prohibited at any time in the church by persons participating in the rehearsal or in the wedding liturgy/ceremony (before, during or after the occasion). This includes the wedding party, guests and others connected with the wedding. These substances and their use are inconsistent with the atmosphere of respect and reverence that ought to prevail.


No beverages are permitted in front of or inside of the church. Water fountains are located outside of the restrooms.


Proper Attire
Proper attire and decorum is requested for both the rehearsal and your wedding ceremony.


Expected Behavior
Loud or unruly behavior in or around the church is also inappropriate at any time. We remind you that even during the rehearsal, you are in the presence of the Lord. All behavior during the rehearsal must be dignified and reverent.


Send-Off Traditions
Throwing of flower petals, rice, confetti, birdseed or anything else in the church or outside on church property is not allowed. The mess creates safety, maintenance and insurance problems for the parish. The launching of balloons is also not permitted for environmental reasons.


Guidelines for Your Florist
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Guidelines for Your Photographer and/or Videographer
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