Through Confirmation We Become Witnesses

Confirmation celebrates the presence of God’s grace in the Baptized and helps us to live our faith as witnesses of Christ to the world as we fulfill our Christian responsibilities to our families, church community, and the world at large. It is the final sacrament of Initiation (along with Baptism & Eucharist) and like Baptism, confers a sacramental character that changes us once and for all. Thus it can also be received only once. Through Confirmation, we become witnesses to the mission of Christ and receive the obligation to continue his mission to transform the world by word and deed, to serve others in love, and to care for the world given to us in creation.


To receive the sacrament of Confirmation, one must be first be baptized. We select a confirmed Catholic, age 16 or older (mother and father of Confirmation candidate are excluded) as our sponsor. The sponsor helps in preparation for Confirmation, presents the candidate during the Sacrament, and helps guide the confirmed in a Christian life.


The Religious Education Office and St. James the Apostle Catholic School provide formation for our students to help them prepare to receive the Sacrament.  Attendance for two years of formation is required to receive the Sacrament, as is the completion of: service projects, the Confirmation test, the interview and participation in a retreat.


For more information, you may contact the Religious Education Office by phone 630-858-5646 or St. James the Apostle Catholic School at 630-469-8060 during business hours or you may send an inquiry email by, and we will contact you with further information.