Our St. James the Apostle facilities are utilized throughout the year for a myriad of events hosted by our parish ministries, as well as a few community ministries which have been pre-approved by our Parish Advisory Council. Please Note: We do not rent our facilities, nor do we rent our tables and chairs for usage.

Parish ministries and pre-approved community ministries may use the forms below to schedule, change or provide setup needs for an event. Please complete and submit the appropriate form needed to our Communications Coordinator, Lisa Gilligan, at the Ministry Center or return via email to lisa@stjamesge.org. Requests will be processed within 2-3 business days and requests are not approved until confirmation is received from Lisa Gilligan.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Winter/Spring 2023: At this time we are processing facility usage requests for January 1st to June 30, 2023.

If there is to be any type of foodservice at an event, based upon current protocols, we ask the following of you:

  1. All food served should be either pre-packaged or pre-plated or served by a server such as in the case of a buffet line. So for instance, for donut service, you could pre-plate individual donuts for the taking or have a person serving them. 
  2. When possible, condiments such as cream cheese or butter, ketchup or mustard or mayo, creamer, sugar, etc. should be pre-packaged.
  3. Anyone who is pre-packaging, pre-plating or serving food should wear gloves while doing so and utilize tongs when picking up food, when appropriate.
  4. Please note we have pre-packaged sets containing a fork, knife, spoon and napkin in the drawers labeled plastic spoons/knives/forks in the St. James Hall Kitchen for your use.
  5. Please make your guests aware of the hand sanitizer available in the room for usage.

Facility Usage Forms

Below are the forms most commonly used by our ministries and organizations.

To Request Usage of a Room:

To Make a Change or to Cancel a previously scheduled event:

To Submit Setup Needs for a previously scheduled event:

To Request Pre-Approval for a Fundraising Event: 

A downloadable explanation of the St. James Fundraising Policy is available below:

Additional Facility Usage Forms

  • To request to schedule a parish event at an offsite locationdownload a printable form to complete and submit to lisa@stjamesge.org.
  • To add a keyword to be listed in the header of the event calendar, download a printable form to complete and submit to lisa@stjamesge.org.

Helpful Guides When Using Our Facilities for an Event

  • For helpful guidelines and practical information about utilizing the St. James Hall Kitchen download the guide below:

The three standard Setup Options for St. James Hall 1 are as follows:

St. James Hall 1 Default Setup

St. James Hall 1 Theatre Style

St. James Hall 1 Hospitality Style

The standard Setup Option for St. James Hall 2/3 is as follows:

St. James Hall 2/3 Default (Undivided)

St. James Hall 2/3 Divided