As an engaged couple, you are expected to participate in adequate preparation to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage. The two main requirements are:

1. Taking the FOCCUS communications inventory.

FOCCUS stands for:

Understanding and

The FOCCUS questionnaire is not a test; it is a discussion tool. It was created to deal with the current issues and needs of couples preparing for Marriage. FOCCUS explores basic expectations, communication, problem solving skills and attitudes in many different areas of a Marriage relationship (i.e., money, children, religion, sexuality, and family issues). The FOCCUS is not a test for readiness or compatibility. Rather, it gives every engaged couple an opportunity to compare their thoughts on statements dealing with the vital areas in communication and married life.

Upon completion of your questionnaires, FOCCUS provides an opportunity for both of you to grow in your love and knowledge of each other as you discuss your responses together. It also provides a platform where you can talk about your greatest fears, hopes and expectations.

Information to complete the FOCCUS online will be sent to you prior to your wedding. Individually, you will then answer each question to the best of your ability. Please do not compare answers prior to completing the survey. After you have completed the FOCCUS, you will be assigned a volunteer Sponsor Couple. The sponsor couple will contact you to set up a time to discuss the results with you. This is usually accomplished in a single visit. This visit will consist of a group discussion of your responses with your assigned sponsor couple.  Rest assured, all FOCCUS discussions are kept entirely confidential.

2. Attending a Marriage Preparation Workshop.

There are two options for attending a Marriage Preparation Workshop.

The first option is the CATHOLIC ENGAGED ENCOUNTER WEEKEND. You can register online. You will find their weekend schedule and online registration form here. Weekends are available both in English and in Spanish

The second option is a local ENGAGED COUPLES WORKSHOP offered at the Marian Lake Spiritual Center in Plainfield, IL. For further information, you may call the Spiritual Center at 815-436-5796.

Please decide which marriage preparation workshop you would like to attend as soon as possible and make a reservation. Most workshops require advance reservation and the spring and summer sessions fill up quickly.

After completing the FOCCUS Communication Inventory and the Marriage Preparation Workshop, call the priest or deacon who will be presiding at your wedding to set up a final pre-Cana appointment. This appointment should take place at least 30 – 60 days before your wedding date. You should bring the tear-out from the booklet “Together for Life” which you will receive in your initial meeting.

The priest or deacon will review your wedding file, discuss with you the various types of Wedding rituals available, possible options, and assist you in finalizing your Wedding liturgy.

For further information,
please contact the Parish Office
at 630-469-7540