This Sunday we celebrate The Second Sunday of Advent

Today’s Readings:

Reflections for this Sunday’s Readings:

Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11.  Psalm 85:9-10, 11-12, 13-14.  2 Peter 3:8-14.  Mark 1:1-8. 

What Sort of Persons? 

In this Advent time of looking to the future while living in the now, Saint Peter’s question is the right one:  “What sort of person ought you to be?”  Saint John the Baptist offers a good response and a better example.  He is not full of himself.  He knows his minor place.  He points to the One who is both with us now and is also coming. 

How will my waiting on the Lord make me more humble? 

What full-of-myself behaviors can I change, can I let go? 

Works of Mercy take the focus off me for the benefit of another.  What will I do? 

You are invited to download and print the Order of Service and Father David’s Homily found below to follow along and participate in this weekend’s Mass.

You Are Invited to our First Official Parking Lot Mass: Sunday, December 13th at 12 Noon

  • All are welcome, especially the immune-compromised and those who are unable to attend public worship
  • The parking lot will open at 11:30 A.M. and will close if/when full
  • Park in an open space where there isn’t a parking cone (every other space)
  • Please fill in spaces that are closest to the building and to other parked cars first
  • Tune into 106.9 FM on your radio
  • Volunteers will come to your car twice: 1) At Offertory to collect any gift you may bring; 2) At Communion to sanitize your hands and then bring Eucharist
  • You may choose to stay in your car with your window rolled down or exit your car and stand by the aisle.
  • Please wait for the Eucharistic Minister to proceed to the next car before you take down your mask to consume Eucharist.
  • Remain parked in your car until after the Final Blessing
  • Exit the lot carefully, as you do at the conclusion of every Mass
  • Pre-register your car on your car at or by calling 630.469.7540, ext. 211.

And Be Sure to Check Out This Sunday’s Bulletin…

Take a look at this weekend’s bulletin attached below to find out more about:

*Parish Calendars Available for Pickup Pg 2

*Save the Date for Our First Parking Lot Mass Pg 3

*Christmas Mass Schedule and Details pg 6-8

*More Opportunities for Holiday Outreach Pg 10

…and much, much more!

Thank You for Your Support!

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