This Sunday we celebrate the First Sunday in Lent

Please note the title on this video is incorrect. This is the Mass for The First Sunday of Lent, February 21, 2021

Sunday’s Readings:

Reflections for this Sunday’s Readings:

Lent is the time of year we devote to scrutinizing our lives in the light of our baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus. Today’s readings are a nice shorthand catechism of what our baptized lives mean. As Noah passed through the waters of the flood to a covenant with God, so did we enter into a covenant, a promised relationship with God through our baptism.

Peter’s letter gives an explicit explanation of what our baptism means: it is an appeal we make to God for a clear conscience. How do we obtain this clear conscience? The words proclaimed by Jesus immediately following his temptation show us the way: “Repent, and believe in the gospel” (Mark 1:15). It might be a good spiritual exercise to keep these readings before us throughout the entire season of Lent, a means to help us return to a life lived by our baptismal promises.

Today’s readings present a contrast between “Jesus’ way” and the “old way.” An example of the old way is the law given to Moses and Aaron about leprosy: the leper was unclean and cast out of the community. Jesus’ way is the opposite: the leper is reached out to, touched, and finally cured.

Nor ought we think of the “old way” as restricted to the days of Moses and Aaron, or even to the “old” testament. The difference between the old way and Jesus’ way arises in own lives. We still choose, every day, to live in our old way or in Jesus’ way.

Jesus dared to touch a leper, disregarding the old way. The leper then was changed forever. He felt a calling. He couldn’t keep himself from proclaiming that he had been touched by Jesus (even though Jesus told him not to!). Once Jesus touches us, we are called to proclaim his way.

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