This Sunday we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord

Today’s Readings:

Reflections for this Sunday’s Readings:

Copartners in the Promise.  The readings and this solemnity are filled with competing images and persons.  Darkness and light.  Christians of Jewish heritage and Gentiles.  Chosen people and coheirs, copartners.  Herod and the Magi.  Epiphany teaches us this:  all are members of the same body, all are coheirs of God’s goodness, all are copartners in the promise of Christ Jesus. 

  • Like the Magi, how will I give homage to Christ today? 
  • Whom do I look down upon that I must see as a copartner with me? 
  • What treasure will I give away, will I offer to another? 

You are invited to download and print the Order of Service and Father David’s Homily found below to follow along and participate in this weekend’s Mass.               

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