This Sunday we celebrate the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Readings:

Reflections for this Sunday’s Readings:

Today we hear how Jonah, sent by God to warn the people, storms through the streets of Nineveh, scaring the citizens out of their wits. And it works! God has a change of heart, seeing “by their actions” how the people turn from evil (Jonah 3:10). A new day dawns.
Next we hear Paul telling the Corinthians, “The world in its present form is passing away” (1 Corinthians 7:31). He calls for a change of heart. Stopping short of telling them to stop carrying out their everyday activities, he urges them—rather mysteriously—to live “as though” they aren’t doing the things they are doing. A new day has dawned.

Finally, Jesus stands on the shore and cries, “The kingdom of God is at hand!” (Mark 1:14). Simon and Andrew abandon their nets—and even their father—and follow him. A new day had dawned.

Everyone has to change when a new day dawns: the Ninevites, the Corinthians, the apostles, even Jesus! Didn’t a new day dawn today for us as well?

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