The St. James Worship Commission has decided to try out a new way to assign Gift Bearers at each of our weekend Masses. All St. James parishioners are invited to sign up to serve as a gift bearer on a particular date and Mass time. You may sign up for a single slot or you may gather family or friends together to sign up for the minimum of three slots needed. If you have more than three who you want to join you (such as a larger family), they are welcome to process down the aisle with you, but there are at most three items to carry-including the bread and wine.

Why do Catholics Parishioners act as Offertory Gift Bearers?
The community offers bread and wine in the memorial sacrifice of the Mass. Bread and wine are presented as gifts to God, as symbols of the work of human hands. This allows parishioners of all ages to play a role in the liturgy. 

What is required of me if I sign up?

We ask that you plan on arriving at church at least 10 minutes early so you may check in with one of the Ushers to let them know you are at Mass and ready to serve. 

When the offertory song begins, which is also when the collection is taken, please make your way to the back of church to the gift table and line up at the end of the aisle. An altar server will come to the back to guide you as to when you should begin bringing the gifts to the presider to receive.

How do I sign up? Click on the link below and then enter the access code: 480

Thank you for giving of your time and service to the parish of St. James! We are blessed by your participation in the liturgy.