A Video Message from Bishop Pates Regarding the Death of George Floyd and the Nationwide Protests and Riots

Bishop Pates has asked us to share the following video message with all parishioners:

Resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to Help Us Pray, Learn and Act Together to Transform Our Hearts, Our Policies and Our Country

“We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life.”- Pope Francis, June 3, 2020

Violent actions against African Americans have become all too common. When we witness those actions, such as the one that took the life of George Floyd, we know it is our responsibility to respond. Our faith calls us to speak out against racism and work to transform structures that continue to disregard the equal dignity of all people. Find resources below to help pray, learn, and act together to transform our hearts, our policies, and our country.


“Aid us, we pray, in overcoming the sin of racism. Grant us your grace in eliminating this blight from our hearts, our communities, our social and civil institutions.”

Utilize this Prayer for Racial Healing for Our Land or one of the many others available on our website.


Read and study the Bishops’ recent pastoral letter against racism, Open Wide Our Hearts and utilize our study guide to deepen your prayer and learning.


Share and discuss resources with your community including backgrounders, like this one on systemic racismeducational materials for classrooms, and scripture reflections.

Looking for ways to talk about working against racism with kids? The USCCB created a short storybook called, Everyone Belongs, about the reality of racism and our Catholic response.

Learn more about how the Church is praying, learning, and acting against racism, and how we can get involved by visiting our full library of resources. As always, thank you for your work to proclaim the Church’s social mission and inspire solidarity with our neighbors.