Last night the St. James the Apostle School Class of 2023 celebrated graduation. We wish to congratulate them and all of our parishioners who are celebrating this kind of milestone in 2023, from preschool through grad school! We pledge our prayers and support as you begin a new chapter of life.

A Prayer for Graduates

Gracious and loving God, You have guided our students on their journey, and provided the light for their paths to the future. We thank you for your abiding presence with each of our graduates, from the child completing pre-school to those who seek educational opportunities as adults. Continue to bless our graduates with the gifts of your Spirit as they look forward to new and sturdy growth in life.

For those who begin new paths in daily work and living, guide them in your truth. Grace them with the strength and support to carry out their new responsibilities. For those who will move on to high school or college, we ask you to bless them with open hearts and a thirst for knowledge. May they embrace this passage not as an end, but as a beginning. For those who remain in the circle of this loving community, we ask you to help us continue to support their efforts and endeavors, that they may always know your love and continue to grow in wisdom.

May all of our graduates in every stage of life be strengthened in the hope of a new future and give praise for the many gifts and blessings you give them. Amen.