Dear Parishioners,

On Holy Thursday during Holy Week, we will again celebrate our Lord’s institution of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper. As Catholics, we believe the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the central mystery of our faith. 

This letter is to confirm the availability of lay parishioners who have been commissioned by the Diocese of Joliet to bring Holy Communion to any of our parishioners who are homebound and cannot get out to Mass. We want to make sure that our homebound are not deprived of this wonderful gift of Himself from our Lord. 

On behalf of our pastor, Fr. Keith Wolfe and our parochial administrator, Fr. Tom Cargo, I would like to offer one of our Pastoral Ministers of Care to bring Holy Communion to you or a loved one if needed. In order to request a visit, please call the parish Ministry Center at 630-469-7540. 

What better way to celebrate this holy season!

Yours in Christ,

John Pugliese

Coordinator of the St. James Ministry of Care and 56 year member of St. James Parish