Lord, we thank you for creating mothers.

We pray for mothers raising children today, and mothers now sharing their love with grandchildren.

We remember women who have not had children of their own, but have shown their love in countless ways.

We especially remember those mothers who have lost a child, and pray that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who knows that sorrow, will comfort them.

We pray for those mothers who will never hear the words, “Happy Mother’s Day”.

We remember those women nurturing an unborn child, and those raising children in difficult and trying circumstances.

We thank you, Lord, for your love which nurtures, comforts and gives a lasting peace.

We thank you for the patience, kindness and guidance you give to mothers.

Bless all mothers, both in heaven and on earth, and may they know from day to day the deepening glow of joy that comes from Your presence.

 —Office of Family Life, Diocese of Wichita, Kansas