A Synod has been launched by Pope Francis. He said, “The first step in helping the journey of faith is listening.”

The purpose of the Catholic Church’s Synod is to reflect and set forth on a “journey together” that strengthens the Church by addressing challenges, obstacles and wounds, all while celebrating the Gospel.

The Vatican is relying on your voice. Each parishioner of St. James the Apostle is invited to reflect and provide their thoughts that will help the Church shape her mission of evangelization and forming disciples. 

We are blessed with this opportunity which will allow us to communicate with Rome through our local Diocese of Joliet. 

A brief survey is being composed by a team from the Parish Council.  It will ask you to provide your thoughts on your journey to grow and develop your relationship with Jesus Christ through your parish community.

In the near future, we will be distributing the survey through Flocknote, our social media platforms and the bulletin. We will be forwarding your ideas to our diocese.

We thank you in advance for your prayerful responses to the survey and your participation in this global effort.