“I wish I could help . . .”

If you have said these words to yourself, you CAN help!

St. James the Apostle ~ St. Vincent de Paul Society NEEDS YOU!

All we ask is a few hours of your time (1 week on call, quarterly throughout the year) and monthly meetings. Your age or skills don’t matter.

The work of St. Vincent de Paul is the Gospel message in action:

  • I was hungry
  • I was thirsty
  • I was a stranger
  • I was naked
  • I was sick
  • I was in prison

And you cared!

What Membership Involves

  • A regular monthly meeting lasts about 1.5 hours. We have been meeting via Zoom since March 2020.
  • At the meeting, we pray and then discuss the needs of contacts our members have assisted, the necessary actions that have been taken or need to be implemented, and plans for follow up are agreed upon.
  • We discuss our budget and how we are most able to assist our clients.
  • The business of the meeting is strictly confidential
  • The meeting has always been considered essential to the spirit of SVDP Society. It ensures efficiency and binds the members together in a bond of friendship.

How you can help

  • Client visits are done in the company of another SVDP member. We are currently interacting with contacts  primarily by phone
  • To help guide you, training is provided along with a binder of coordinating procedures.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with our annual clothing drives
  • Volunteers are needed to help at the SVDP store in West Chicago.

Please reply to our “Invitation to Serve” – it’s easy to join:

There is no initiation procedure. No special qualifications are required other than the desire to join with others to help those in need, for the love of God.

Want to know more? Please contact our SVDP President Dottie Ashley. She can be reached at dotash1@sbcglobal.net or 630-673-8935. Dottie is happy to answer any questions you may have concerning St. James the Apostle – St. Vincent De Paul Society.