As of today, we still have 90 families in need of adoption through our St. James Christmas Basket Program.

We invite you to get creative this year and think about possibilities outside the box. Have you ever considered joining with members of your book club, scouting troop, workplace or extended family to adopt a large family together? 2021 may be the right year to begin this kind of wonderful new tradition to bless others in our local community! We hope you will participate in any way you are able.

Family selections will continue after all weekend Masses and on Thanksgiving Day until all families have been adopted. In addition, Crusader Cash will be available for purchase every weekend through the first weekend in December if you want to purchase gift cards to donate towards the program or buy them for your holiday shopping.

Not able to come to Mass to select a family to adopt for the Christmas Basket Program? Now you can request your family online! Click Here: and complete this form. Your adopted family will be sent to you through email!

Thank you for your continued generosity and for answering God’s call to take care of those in need! You continue to be a light in the darkness, providing hope for the hopeless.