As members of Christ’s family, through St. James the Apostle Parish, we:

WORSHIP the Lord by proclaiming His Word 

And celebrating His Sacraments,

GROW by learning more about God’s loving plan for us,

RESPOND to the call of Christ by sharing our talents, gifts and our love,

REACH OUT to the universal community by loving and serving our neighbors.

Our Parish Mission cannot be lived and acted upon without the involvement of countless parishioners giving of their gifts of time and talent to serve in a multitude of different parish ministries.

The pandemic has been difficult for so many of our parish ministries, making it impossible for some to meet in person and for many, it has put a pause on our ability to serve in the ways to which we are accustomed. 

Regardless of whether the pandemic rendered your parish ministry inactive or active in these past 16 months, be assured you are an integral and invaluable gift to this parish’s past, present and future.  

This weekend we invite all parish ministries and their members to attend any of our weekend Masses when you will all be acknowledged and blessed as we prepare to enter into a new year of ministry. 

We hope you will join us!