This weekend we celebrate the Third Sunday of Easter
This weekend’s livestream Mass will Begin at 4 P.M. on Saturday. Thank you to all those parishioners who continue to participate in our online Masses. You may join us live at 4 p.m. Saturday evening when the Mass is live, or anytime afterward to participate. 

Have You Anything to Eat? We long to be fed at the table of the Lord. We hunger to eat and drink his
Blood and Body. If we can go to the church this day – what a joy! If we can’t, we can still follow the gospel injunction: Look and touch. We can look for Jesus everywhere – because that is where he is. We can still touch Jesus in the persons who are near – because that is also where he is.

 How will I look for and see Jesus every day?
 How will I touch Jesus, either really or virtually, in touching another?
 How will I do these mercy works: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty?

This Weekend’s Readings:

Click here for Fr. David’s Homily for the Third Sunday of Easter