On a recent weekend at St. James, between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon we gathered for one Funeral Mass, two Celebrations of First Communion, Reconciliations, two Masses and two Baptisms!! WOW-that is a whole lot of Sacramental grace in less than 3 days. What do these all have in common? There are many possible answers to that question, but the one we want to point out is NONE of these things could have happened without the assistance of our St. James Parishioners who have stepped forward to serve as members of our St. James Reopening Team. It takes a village to open the doors of a church for worship and sacrament safely in the middle of a global pandemic and these wonderful men and woman keep coming, day after day, week after week to make it happen!

So if you encounter one of our St. James Reopening Volunteers when you gather for a Mass or sacramental celebration, please be sure to thank them for their sacrifice and love for their fellow parishioners.

And if you want to become a member of this AMAZING team, we would love to have you! Our next training for volunteers is on Thursday evening, October 8th at 7 P.M. Pre-registration is required to attend. You can sign up at this link: https://stjamestheapostlege.flocknote.com/signup/17444