Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
In this week’s Gospel Jesus tells us we must forgive Seventy-Seven Times. When is enough enough? Can we be angry now? When can we stop forgiving? If we have to forgive the same person the same thing seventy-seven times, can we stop at seventy-eight? No! Because, as Paul declares in Romans 14, we live and die for God, to whom alone we belong. We do not live for ourselves.
We invite you to participate in this weekend’s Mass online celebrating the Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Click the button below to watch and you will find the order of service, Fr. David’s homily and a link to the Sunday bulletin available for you to download and/or print also.
Something to reflect upon as we participate in Mass this weekend:
 Who needs my forgiveness?
 Whom will I forgive – and for what – perhaps, again?
 And what forgiveness do I need?