A link to the Sign-Up will be released and published below by 1 P.M. each Friday and also will be sent via a Flocknote Email at the same time, for a week’s worth of weekday and weekend Masses that will begin 10 days following the release. (If you want to sign up to receive Flocknote Emails, visit StJamestheApostleGE or text Stjamesge to 84576).

Sign-Up will remain open until Noon on the Friday before the weekend of Masses begins or until capacity is reached. You will be asked to provide your name, email address and the number in your party. You do not have to be signed up to receive Flocknotes in order to pre-register for Masses.

The doors to the church will be unlocked 20 minutes prior to the start of Mass and will be locked when the church bells finish ringing at the published time of the Mass. Unfortunately we are unable to admit latecomers.

The doors to the church will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to the first appointment for Reconciliations on Saturdays. Appointments for Reconciliation are 5 minutes in length. Penitents will need to do their penance outside of the church after their appointed time. If you need more time for Reconciliation, please make an appointment on a different day with Fr. David.

Pre-registration for weekday, weekend Masses and Reconciliations will be available to the public on a first come, first served basis using Flocknote Sign-Up, one week at a time.

Only persons/families who use our sign-up procedures and have a confirmed reservation for a specific Mass will be permitted to attend Mass. There will be no exceptions. No walk-ins are permitted.

please familiarize yourself with the new guidelines before signing up to attend mass or a sacramental celebration

The Bishops of Illinois have worked diligently to create a plan to reopen Catholic Churches for Mass and Sacraments during this time of a pandemic to ensure the health and safety of all parishioners, staff and volunteers who desire to return to public worship. We kindly request you please take the time to familiarize yourself with the directives the parish, parishioners and guests must adhere to in order to gather together for public worship.*

pre-registration link for this week

To Register for Weekend Mass on Saturday, March 13th at 4 P.M. or Sunday, March 14th at 9 A.M., please click the link below:

Sign-Up will close on Friday, March 12th at 12 Noon or or sooner if capacity is reached before that time.

To Register for the Parking Lot Mass on Sunday, March 14th at 11 A.M., please click the link below. Please note, pre-registration is not mandatory for this Mass, however it is super helpful. Thank you!

Sign-Up will close on Friday, March 12th at 12 Noon or or sooner if capacity is reached before that time.

To Register for Daily Masses for March 15, 16 and 17 at 8:00 A.M., please click the link below:

Sign-Up will close on Friday, March 12th at 12 Noon or or sooner if capacity is reached before that time.

To Register for the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday, March 13th, please click the link below:

Father never sees the list of attendees for Reconciliation, however, if you prefer to register by phone number, rather than by name, please follow the phone-in registration instructions below.

Sign-Up will close on Friday, March 12th at 12 Noon or or sooner if capacity is reached before that time.

If you have a need for seating in the handicap section or require special accommodations, we as you to call-in to register for one of our reserved seats. Instructions are found below.



We will reserve a number of seats for phone-in registrations for those without computer access. In addition, those who require seating in the handicap section or have special needs will need to phone in for their registration so that we may anticipate any extraordinary accommodations you may require

For phone-in registrations, please call (630) 469-7540, ext. 211 anytime after 1 P.M. on Fridays. If your call isn’t answered, please leave a message with your name and number and your call will be returned within one business day. These seats will be registered on a first call, first serve basis.


If you experience trouble using the Flocknote Sign-Up system, please email (Note: registrations will NOT be accepted at this email).


If you are unable to attend after registering, you are asked to actively remove your name from the Flocknote Sign-Up system in order to make the spot available for someone else. Cancellations are only available until Fridays at 12 noon when registrations close. You will not be allowed to verbally give your spot to another person. 


All infants or children (even if sitting on your lap) are counted separately and should be registered with your family.


Those who will be coming to St. James for a Baptism or Wedding and their guests will also be required to pre-register. Please note that capacity restrictions for these events will be in place due to the need for volunteers and the requirements for sanitizing the facilities. When you schedule a Baptism or Wedding at St. James you will be sent a link for pre-registration to share with the guests you determine you want in attendance.

Parishioners and their guests will be asked to follow the same exact directives as those attending Mass which are noted in the guide below, including but not limited to check-in ahead of the event, the wearing of masks, adherence to social distancing, etc. 

*Parishioner Risk Assumption: While the parish will attempt to take appropriate precautions consistent with the advice of public health authorities, parishioners and guests should understand they assume the risk of contracting COVID-19 anytime they enter a public space, since such precautions do not eliminate the risk of infection.

Thank you!