Some Things Have Not Changed
Although the landscape of our world looks so very different than it did a mere 6 weeks ago, there are some things that have not changed at all. One of those things is the generous and selfless spirit of our St. James parishioners, poured out in acts of loving service of others. 
The week before Palm Sunday, when we were learned that we could not distribute palms, we were hoping to find a way to save the delivery of fronds we had already received, so they would not go to waste. Fun fact: palm fronds mold if they aren’t separated from each other, and as you all probably know from experience, once they are separated, they dry out pretty quickly.

We put a call out in a Flocknote to invite parishioners to pick up some bags of fronds to weave so that at a later date (which is still to be determined) they could be blessed and distributed to all St. James parishioners. I am happy to report we had a wonderful and immediate response from many! 

We gathered the bags into plastic tubs, labeled for each family and they each came to pick theirs up from outside of the Ministry Center. We left extra bags in large box for those who wanted to take on extra work and when all was said and done, only about 3 of 40 bags (with about 100 fronds in each) were unclaimed.

Thank You to Our Palm Weavers!
We would like to thank and acknowledge the individuals and families whose act of loving service will be a blessing to all of us!
The Baehl Family
Terry Barbato
The Barrera Family
Pauline Briggs
Joyce Carey
Josh and Eric Cope
The Geissal Family
Sadie Gilligan
Sheila Williams
Laurie Witort

We requested for our participants to send in photos of their experience
and we have a few to share:
While we don’t know when we will gather again in church, we will seek a way that is sanitary and safe to bless and distribute these woven palms when we are able. 

If you have a story of St. James Parishioners being a light in these difficult days, please send it to, so we may share the good news!