St. James Parish is teaming with World Relief DuPage to start an exciting new project whose goal is to teach mothers of refugee families important life skills like baking, hair cutting, knitting and sewing. There will have a series of classes to teach  each one these life skills to empower these women with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a new world.

Funding is needed to help purchase the necessary supplies for each life skill. In April we will begin teaching hair cutting. It is our hope to provide each of the approximately 15 participants with a good pair of cutting shears, at the cost of about $30 and a pair of clippers, at the cost of about $50.

Consider making a donation in honor of a woman you know and love, and we will send her an acknowledgement of your generosity. In addition, a Mass will be offered at St. James for the intentions of the donors and honorees of Project Martha.

If you are interested in sponsoring a refugee mom, or one of the classes, please email Lisa Orwig at for more information.