A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to all the Knights who were able to help out at the
recent Parish Picnic.  The accompanying picture shows a few of the culinary crew that prepared the hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats that were enjoyed by all.  At least we think they were enjoyed by all.  Fortunately, we haven’t gotten any news about ptomaine poisoning so far.


In the other picture, Ray Klein (center) wasn’t quite expecting this result from Phil DeBoo (left) or Joe Sarlo (right) when he donned his apron.


Not all of the Knights were able to be at the Parish Picnic, as some of our members participated in the Veteran’s Bingo event in Mantino, IL on that day. The Knights will be hosting a picnic for Veterans on Saturday, September 23, also in Mantino. Volunteers are needed for this worthwhile event and you don’t have to be a Knight to help out. For additional information on how you or your family might help, please call Bob Nowakowski at  (630) 858-1237


If you were out shopping at Jewel or Walmart or riding in a car on the weekend of September 15-17, you probably noticed the Knights participating in their annual Tootsie Roll Drive. All of the proceeds of this particular drive go toward the support of people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). The results of this worthwhile endeavor will be reported in future Knights Corners.