On Friday, August 4, 2017, the St. James the Apostle School Welcome Committee capped off another successful season. Incoming 2017/2018 St. James the Apostle School Families were formally welcomed by Welcome Committee Chairwoman, Rachel Koby and other Host Families.  Throughout the summer Welcome took the time to meet with and guide incoming families and finished it off with the annual Welcome Soiree held at Mary Knoll Club House in Glen Ellyn.

We had a lovely luncheon, great interactive playtime, lots of information sharing and most of all made these wonderful additions to our “school family” feel welcomed. Please help welcome these new families (from left: King Family, Mahoney Family,  Burrelle Family, Janney Family, Jablonski Family, Wigal Family, Menconi Family, Jakobsze Family)  Not Pictured: Baker Family, Benesch Family, Campagna Family, Cardona Family, Constantino Family, Jewell Family, Knapp Family,  Mathew Family, Mikolas Family, Mungsamte Family, Parker Family, Rios Family, Rodine Family, Smith Family, and Scali Family.

The Welcome Committee would like to personally thank the existing host families for their time, their homes, and their hospitality throughout the entire summer. Also to the people who provided support during the welcome event. These families are what makes St. James the Apostle School truly feel like a family. Thank you to the following families: Anderson Family, Cutter Family, DeLuca Family, Easter Family, Frackiewicz Family, Friend Family, Geissal Family, Giancarlo Family, Green Family, Koby Family, Kuceba Family, Payne Family,Randinelli Family, Schlosser Family, Tomczak Family and Zgutowicz Family