August is the St. James the Apostle Glen Ellyn Food Pantry – Food Collection Month

 Thank you St. James members. Ever since the pantry opened its doors in l979 and the church community agreed it would be easier for those in need to have only one place to obtain food, the people of St. James have given their strong support. Along with other churches of Glen Ellyn and many community organizations, your partnership has enabled the pantry to have food available for those in need.  The many bags of groceries you have donated were distributed to low income families, seniors, single parents, people with disabilities and the homeless.   Monies you have contributed purchased milk, eggs, paper and hygienic products. And, the pantry could not function without the many volunteer hours your members have contributed.

The summer months are difficult months for the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. The request for food increases because children are out of school and parents must provide more meals at home. For various reasons, a dip in donations is also experienced. At this time, there is a shortage of some of the following foods: Peanut butter/Jelly, Rice (white or brown), Pasta/spaghetti, Canned Tuna, Paper Towels

Please consider including some of these items in your donations. On behalf of those who come to us for help, we thank you and pray God will bless you.