Beginning July 5, 2016, St. James the Apostle School will be conducting asbestos removal in the elementary school building. Specifically, the insulation in the boiler room and floor tile and mastic (glue) from two classrooms will be addressed. Abatement will be conducted using Ill. Dept. of Public Health licensed contractors and air monitoring personnel. The area will be sealed, negative air pressure established in the area, and the air monitored before, during, and after the project.


After the project is complete, air clearance tests will be conducted using Transmission Electron Microscopy after the and the results placed in the asbestos project manual. Admittance to the building will be permitted only when the air clearance results are known to be as specified by the Ill. Dept. of Public Health. As a public document the manual, as well as the asbestos management plan may be reviewed at the school office.  If you have any questions, please call Richard M. Kaffka, the Asbestos Designated Person at 815.221.6100 or 708.334.0585.