Just in Time for Breakfasts and Brunches on Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day, St. James the Apostle School presents a Butter Braid Pastry Dough Sale!

This is the original, hand braided pastry dough that you let rise 10-12 hours or until it doubles in size, and then bake to produce a delicious breakfast/dessert entrée. Butter Braid® pastries are 22 oz. in size (frozen) and are available in a variety of flavors including Apple, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Caramel Rolls and more!
Make your holiday morning get together a snap and have a Butter Braid thawed overnight and ready to bake for company in the morning!
How To Order: Look for an order form on the table in the Church Coat Room and/or contact Alissa Palumbo at:alissapalumbo@yahoo.com / 630-333-3298 or Nicole Geissal at: 847-921-1753 with any questions or for help with ordering.
–Sale Ends on March 10, 2016–
These delicious sweet breads are only available through fundraisers, so help your parish school by ordering today!