Since the mid 1970’s it has been a tradition to honor a woman of St. James Parish as Woman of the Year. This is an official program of the Joliet Diocesan Council of Catholic Women/38th annual Woman of the Year Mass and Luncheon at the Cathedral of St. Raymond Joliet on Saturday, April 16th with Most Rev. Joseph M. Siegel officiating along with priests of the diocese. Women from all over our diocese gather and the Women of the Year are presented a certificate by the Bishop during the Mass.


Since every woman of St. James the Apostle Parish is considered a member of our Council of Catholic Women, we ask each of you to please prayerfully consider whom you wish to nominate the honor of being our 2016 Woman of the Year. Criteria to use when selecting that woman should be:

 1) Serves our church community in ways that surpass the usual and uniquely raises the bar;

2) Demonstrates Christian love and behaves in unselfish ways;

3) Performs works of charity;

4) Has a reverence for life;

5) Has a great impact on your life of faith; and

6) Is a registered member of St. James the Apostle Parish and supports the works of CCW.


For a printable nomination form, please click here. Due date for applications is March 13th. See the bottom of the nomination form for instructions on where to submit the form.